SSCRIPTE.ZIP package update 2000 February 7    W.Janzen

SPEED.EXE ..... PC SpeedScript 1.0 by Randy Thompson
SEKEYS.TXT .... PC SpeedScript Editing Keys & Notes by W.Janzen
SEREADME.TXT .. About SpeedScript and its uses

SpeedScript was written as a word processor, but it is also a
handy small editor (only about 30 KB) for HTML document files.
Lines longer than 80 characters are wrapped on the screen so you
do not have to scroll to see them. And are not cut up when you
save the document. CarriageReturn and LineFeed codes (ascii 13,
ascii 10) are only inserted wherever you press Enter or Return.
Thus you can read and write WINDOWS text files too.

SpeedScript reserves 64 KB of memory for its main text buffer,
but adjusts this down if less than this amount is free. So it
will run in the memory avaiable after shelling to DOS from the
browser DosLynx, when other small editors like TED can not.

These features make it the best editor I have found to edit the
Search Engine Query Scripts in my FIND.HTM file for DosLynx.
SpeedScript can also be used with Bobcat-Lynx, either on
shelling to DOS, or on pressing the 'e' command key (if you
specify it in the Options Menu).

With SpeedScript and DosLynx or Bobcat you have the tools to
manually create simple HTML documents (or WWW pages) with just
vintage 8086 or 80286 machines running DOS. Then to see what your
HTM file might look like on a graphic browser, you can use the
HTML viewers KNOTS or OWN (Open World Navigator).

KNOTS can be setup for CGA, HGA, or EGA video (the default), and
of course works with a VGA too; displays text only. Open World
Navigator (ver 09-15-95) shows inline GIF graphics. Requires a XT
or 286 PC with 640KB RAM and standard VGA card. It also supports
a mouse and S-VGA. Note that its Manuale in HTML form is in
Italian. Unfortunately these two viewers are no longer in
development but you can get them, as well as DosLynx and Bobcat,
by going to Wayne Buttles Internet Page