Here are some search enhancements for NET-TAMER by W. Janzen: NTSEARCH.ZIP.  

He has also sent a number of other updates:

DLFIND.ZIP  A search script page for DosLynx.

MINFIND.ZIP The version for Minuet.

Subject: LNXGIDES.ZIP update

Dear Wayne B.      CC: John L.

Here is my updated (keys.htm corrected and a few other changes) 
package with DosLynx.cfg, doslynx 'manual' and Unix Lynx 2.3 manual 
for off-line viewing. You may recall that I put this together for 
people using Freenet and other shell accounts that run a Lynx browser.

Bye ... Wayne J.

Contents of LNXGIDES.ZIP

ERROR    HTM       395 05-28-98  10:16a
DOSLYNX  CFG       862 06-04-98  10:51a
README   HTM     26863 08-30-95   8:05a
CHANGES  TXT     10799 09-07-96  11:28p
BCKEYS   TXT      1975 04-22-98  11:33a
MENU     HTM       554 06-17-98  10:03a
LYNXGIDE HTM     34698 07-15-97  10:11p
SAMPLE   CFG     19413 07-16-97  10:53a
HOTLIST  HTM       216 06-04-98  11:00a
KEYS     HTM      1322 06-03-98   1:01p