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Hello and welcome to FDISK.COM.

This is a private domain and doesn't represent any company. If you are looking for a bit of info on FDISKing drives, I have a special fdisk page just for you.

This server originated somewhere in mid-1994 when I had an argument with Windows 3.1 over the contents of my hard drive. Rather than re-install Windows I put a little freeware OS I had found on the net called Linux instead. In July of 1995 I decided to get a vanity domain and I chose FDISK.COM in tribute to that week that drove me over the edge and into the Un*x world.

Since Win95 came out I have drifted back to the Windows world somewhat. I got into DOS internet tools as a result of liking the Linux console utilities so much.

Much of this stuff is outdated, sorry. I get gung-ho at the start but after a while I move on to a new project and stuff gets old.

  FDISK.COM is powered by Apache and Linux. These pages were created with Pico.  
ksidf is fdisk backwards